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Labyrinth Maze Puzzle Ball

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Master the challenge of the crazy, fun world of Labyrinth! Inside the Labyrinth Maze Ball you’ll face 22 feet worth of challenging twists, turns and obstacles!

Guide the silver ball from start to finish as you twist, turn and tilt it through this three dimensional maze full of flips, spirals, drops and more! When you fall off the track (Yes, it will happen!) head back to the start and try again.  You'll be hopelessly hooked with Labyrinth Maze Ball in no time!

There are multiple levels of difficulty to master! They’re easy to play, but hard to master. It’s a bendy, trendy, can’t put it down challenge!

Provide hours of entertainment for all the family. Improves patience, dexterity and hand-eye coordination. Suitable for anyone above Age 6+ 

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